A serape design on a top-quality 11 oz coffee mug.

Serape Mug

  • About Our Mugs

    The mugs we use are specially designed and coated for printing. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. These mugs come with a Grade AAA rating. Each mug is hand-picked off the assembly line to ensure the highest quality!


    Product Specs

    Our mugs hold 11oz (325ml). Mug is 3.75″ tall with a 3.25″ diameter. Gloss finish. Made in China.


    The Process

    Our mugs are printed using a sublimation process, which our mugs are specifically designed and coated for. We print your design out on high quality sublimation paper, then use a special process to transfer your design onto the mug. The design is then one with the mug!

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